Why The Growth Mindset is Key For Success For Women In Tech

One half of women in tech consultancy, ScarletZest, wellbeing consultant Rachel McGuinness, will be facilitating the women in tech session this week at CompTia’s UK Channel Community Meeting in Manchester.

Women in Tech sessions are now a regular offering at Tech conferences but there’s a danger that these could be holding women back, says Business Psychologist Paula Gardner and well-being consultant Rachel McGuinness of ScarletZest. “While it’s a great place to share, so many of these sessions are descending into moans and complaints, says McGuinness. “There’s a strong danger that focusing on the negatives without working towards practical solutions keeps participants stuck in a fixed mindset. We all need to be in a growth mindset to move forwards,” adds Gardner.

Rachel’s session has been planned with this in mind, making sure that the conversation is focused om action, not complaints.


Fixed and Growth Mindsets


The fixed and growth mindsets were discovered by psychologist Carol Dweck. Dweck asserted that we tend to fall into one of two mindsets. Her conclusions, after following thousands of school children and their successes, were that our mindset will govern not only our success in life, but also our happiness and satisfaction levels. The fixed mindset is governed by a fear of making mistakes. We stay in our comfort zones, and, ironically are driven by success. The growth mindset focuses on the journey rather than the end destination (success). It relishes mistakes as a way of learning, and is open to new things and experiences. The growth mindset has been linked to higher levels of happiness and success with life. In contrast, the fixed mindset has been linked to depression, anxiety and lower levels of contentment.

Complaining, or even just talking, without action is likely to keep us in the fixed mindset.

SWAY 2020 Partners

Gardner and McGuinness are looking for organisations that want to promote and support their women in tech, including work around the growth mindset, and have createdthge women in tech coaching programme,  SWAY 2020, to do just that.

The coaching programme consists of online training sessions to help women reach the top of their game by learning cutting edge psychology and well-being practices to support them in their work.

The programme is also a rich opportunity for creating contacts and connections within the industry. Isolation can be something that women working in tech have to content with. It covers everything you need to keep you in the growth mindset, grow in confidence and resilience,and look after your health. It will take participants through improving communication style, productive working practices and become an ambassador for their organisations.

Participants also receive personal feedback through personality, strengths and resilience assessments as part of the programme. These will give the participants a full picture of what traits and behaviours are serving them. Also, what would be wise to leave behind.

The benefits to organisations include: Higher engagement, focus and retention levels.  Reduced risk of sickness time,confident and polished ambassadors, and nurtured and well-connected leaders.

SWAY 2020 is ideal for any women working in tech, but particularly leaders, managers, and those with potential to be so in the future.

Who is Behind Sway?

Paula Gardner Msc, MABP

Paula Gardner is a business psychologist and executive coach and a PR company owner for over 20 years. Gardner now offers psychometrics and coaching and consultancy around visibility. She has appeared in The Guardian, HR Zone and Psychologies magazine.

Rachel McGuinness MNLP

Rachel McGuinness is a wellbeing consultant and has worked in the health sector for the past 16 years. Before her switch to health, Rachel worked as a European event and marketing manager in the telecoms industry. Rachel now works with forward-thinking companies helping their employees become happier and healthier, more engaged and productive.

You can find more information on SWAY2020 here. To get in touch about becoming a partner please contact us