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SWAY - to persuade somebody to believe something or do something, synonym influence.

Move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backwards and forwards or from side to side.

Oxford English Dictionary

Sponsor one of your female high-fliers through our 6 month programme

Support Your Female High-Fliers and Become a Sway Partner for 2020


  • Do you want to be seen as a promoter and supporter of women in tech and attract high calibre females to your organisation?
  • Would you like to create confident and polished ambassadors that portray your organisation in the right way?
  • Are you ready and willing to cultivate your future female leaders?

SWAY 2020 - sponsor one of your female high-fliers

Will you partner with ScarletZest and sponsor one or more of your female high-fliers through our SWAY programme?

SWAY 2020 is the six-month new leadership programme from ScarletZest.
Created to help women in tech excel in their field, it focuses on the importance of cultivating SWAY in both our lives and careers.

Holding SWAY makes it easier to master influence with key stakeholders, act as an ambassador for your organisation, build a professional profile, and leverage connections to bring plans and goals to fruition.

Additionally, the ability to SWAY, to gently move with rather than resist, is key to resilience and mental health and wellbeing, which are intrinsic parts of the SWAY programme.

Benefits of participating in SWAY:

  • Open and frank discussions of issues around being a woman in tech, from finding a voice in the boardroom to juggling work and family to dealing with the dark days
  • Addressing subtle self-sabotage and imposter syndrome
  • Increased confidence
  • Heightened public profile
  • Cultivation of industry knowledge
  • A richer and deeper network
  • Expanded global reach
  • Support in reaching goals
  • Greater resilience
  • Personal responsibility for health and wellbeing
  • Finally, being able to draw upon the expertise of business psychologist Paula Gardner and business wellbeing expert Rachel McGuinness, whenever needed

Our twelve training sessions cover:

  1. Success mindset and goal setting
  2. Self-discipline, habits and rituals; using genotypes and phenotypes to support successful habits
  3. Becoming an ambassador for yourself and your organisation – build a profile within the industry; increase your personal gravitas and carve out a reputation as an expert
  4. Creative thinking
  5. How to make better decisions and stick to them
  6. Understanding your own and other’s communication styles for smooth communication, fewer misunderstandings and better presentations
  7. Sticking to your health goals even when you’re busy
  8. Sleep – how to make sure you get enough rest to keep you on top of your game
  9. Nourish and move – how to eat healthily without being deprived of your favourite things and how to get fit quick without stepping foot in a gym
  10. Staying resilient when the going gets tough
  11. On the road and in the skies – keeping healthy when you’re travelling
  12. Looking good on the outside – making more impact with the right image


Participants also receive personal feedback through personality, strengths and resilience assessments as part of the programme.

These will give the participants a full picture of what traits and behaviours are serving them and what would be wise to leave behind.

They will also have the opportunity to take a good look at their wellbeing and work on areas to improve so that they are recharged, refreshed and energised to focus on their career and their life.

What participants get:

  • Bi-weekly online training sessions (12 in total) to help them reach the top of their game and learn cutting edge psychology and wellbeing practices to support them in their work (recorded for convenience)
  • These sessions also provide a rich opportunity for creating contacts and connections within the industry
  • Four one to one coaching calls (2 with Rachel and 2 with Paula)
  • Private LinkedIn group

We are inviting tech companies to sponsor one or more of their female staff members through this ground-breaking programme.

The benefits to your organisation include:

  • Higher engagement, focus and retention levels
  • Staff loyalty
  • Reduced risk of sickness time
  • Confident and polished ambassadors for your organisation
  • Nurtured and well-connected leaders
  • Publicity with your logo and company promoted through our website, press releases and other programme publicity material
  • Be seen as a promoter and supporter of women in tech and attract high calibre women to your organisation

SWAY 2020 is ideal for any women working in tech of any age, but particularly leaders, managers, and those with potential to be so in the future.


£1250 per person *

* Discounts available for 2 participants or more

One to one coaching sessions start on enrolment, group sessions begin 20th April 2020 for six months.

Want to find out more?

Email us:  [email protected]

Call us: Paula 07534 984298  |  Rachel 07880 557976

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