Here’s the recording of the online workshop that Rachel and Paula hosted on 4 December 2020.

How To feel a little more in control of your life, your wellbeing and your Christmas

2020 has been a hell of a year and it’s not over yet. Despite promising news about the vaccine, we are still feeling our way through uncertain times. The virus, lockdowns, looming Brexit…all these are reminding us how little control we have a the moment.

This workshop looks at how we can dampen down our stress levels so that we can at least have some respite in planning and enjoying Christmas. We deserve it!

During the webinar participants learnt how to:

  • Soothe anxiety and spiralling thoughts with a simple exercise
  • Face up to a different Christmas
  • Cope with festive stresses – the usual and the not so usual
  • Stay away from the trap of eating and drinking to excess…even when it’s so tempting
  • Start 2021 feeling refreshed and ready to go rather than having to recover all over again