The Flex Resilience Programmme

An emergency reboot for extraordinary times: how to be super productive and stay mentally and physically resilient


Flex - "To bend without breaking”

Cambridge Dictionary


flex resilience programme

Now, more than ever is the time when we need to flex.

We’re not wired for change and yet here we are in the midst of tumultuous changes. We are inherently social animals and yet we are now having to live and work in isolation from everyone apart from immediate family.


It’s a time of uncertainty and anxiety, and the tech industry is stepping up to people the world over, get on with their work and lives. We are enabling others to work from home and to connect with loved ones. We are providing support and connection, and to helping innovate those vital businesses that are keeping going and powering the world economy online.


Yes, medical staff around the world are the true heroes, risking their lives for others, but we are also playing our part and flexing what we know and how we work to help the world deal with this crisis.


The FLEX Resilience Programme


But who is supporting us in these times of frantic change? Business psychologist Paula Gardner and wellbeing consultant Rachel McGuinness have come together to create FLEX, a programme to do just that for those in the tech industries that are working hard right now to keep everything going.


FLEX is designed to help us cope with change, look at problems and opportunities innovatively, as well as keeping up our wellbeing and resilience. It consists of weekly sessions via Zoom plus a LinkedIn group to continue the conversation. 


In our weekly sessions we’ll be looking at:

  1. Productivity if you’re working from home
  2. How to sleep well when the world and your life is in meltdown
  3. Dealing with anxiety - yours and others
  4. How to keep fit and eat healthily during lockdown
  5. The practical issues of being isolated with your family - how personalities work together - and against each other
  6. Creative Thinking to help us and the people we work with innovate


  • The programme includes a number of psychometric tests to help you identify the personality and behaviour traits, strengths and qualities of resilience that will help you through these challenging times.
  • Sessions are weekly, via Zoom, and will be recorded.
  • Membership is at the affordable price of £49 for six weeks.
  • Membership will also allow access to the Zest Wellbeing Hub with lots of useful resources.
  • Organisations who want to support a number of their staff at these difficult times are eligible for a discount, please contact us to discuss. 

FLEX starts at on Zoom at 5pm on Thursday 16th April, 2020. Book your place here:

£49 for six weeks