Are You Supporting Your Female Tech Talent?

We all know there is a shortage of skilled tech workers, and women in tech are even more in demand. And yet many of them are not happy.

At several recent international tech conferences, there has been a lot of talk from women reported feeling isolated in a very male orientated sector. Some expressed frustration at being undermined or not recognised for their contribution. They voiced that they wanted support to help them to take that step to the next level. 

Many organisations are now stepping up and addressing this. The question is will you be one of them? Will yours be an organisation where women want to work and want to stay?

There are a number of ways you can help make that happen and one of them is to support, nurture and propel your female staff with the SWAY 2020 programme from ScarletZest.

Are You Supporting Your Female Tech Talent?

Created to help women in tech excel in their field, whilst retaining a rich and healthy personal life: a challenge for everyone in today’s super-fast world.

It focuses on the importance of cultivating SWAY in both our lives and careers. Holding SWAY makes it easier to master influence with key stakeholders, act as an ambassador for your organisation, build a professional profile, and leverage connections to bring plans and goals to fruition.

Additionally, the ability to SWAY, to gently move with rather than resist, is key to resilience, mental health and wellbeing, which are intrinsic parts of the SWAY programme.

ScarletZest is a collaboration between Paula Gardner, a business psychologist and Rachel McGuinness, a business wellbeing consultant.

Both Paula and Rachel bring something different and refreshing to the world of female leadership in the tech sector.

SWAY2020 is a new leadership programme for women in tech that gives participants the tools they need both mentally and physically to step up in their careers.

Rachel McGuinness - business wellbeing consultant and Paula Gardner - business psychologist